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A big Thank You
to the Ministry of
"Shoes from the Heart" 
GracePointe Church was able to give  75 Children Free Shoes 


Upon arriving at GracePointe Church for a one day event as advertised on this web site and social media. Please Check back on new dates. 
   *You will be given a number (your place in line) and information to fill out.
   *Your child/children will be measured and the size recorded.
   *GracePointe Church will order the Shoes
          -anticipated time of arrival is a few weeks.
   *GracePointe Church will call you and arrange a time for you and your child to
     come in, Try on shoes for size, and to take home.
         -We ask that the child accompany you to assure the shoes are a good fit. 
   *When you child out grows or wears out the shoes, just contact us and we will
     resize your child's shoe size and get a new pair. No need to wait till our next
     event to replace the shoes. Shoes will be replaced until the child is 18. 
 SHOES FROM THE HEART rely on donations therefore, shoes
will come in different styles and colors.